1 on 1 Life and Relationship Coaching

Looking for a change?

1 on 1 life coaching

Looking for Change?

Are you longing for a change or shift, but can't or don't know how to get started?  Do you want more? Or even less?

I am here for people who want positive change in their lives, relationships, family, community, work or play.

I attract people who want to improve the quality of their lives or to try something altogether new.  Out of the process, often come revelations and directions they never thought possible in their lives.  This is exciting work!

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, my clients and I examine their lives, pacing the process to each individual's needs.  I strive to bring awareness and balance to the experience.  To find one's center is to find one's self.

Through listening, learning, challenging, even playing, my clients stretch their self-imposed boundaries and, I am proud to say, often make momentous breakthroughs.  And together we enjoy the countless tiny victories that go along with living a purposed, self-determined life.

How It Works

We will have an initial consultation and strategy call, at no charge, to discuss my coaching style and how we might collaborate to satisfy your needs.  One-on-one coaching sessions occur weekly or bi-weekly by phone.


Coaching sessions are described in Jane's Shop page and paid in advance by check or PayPal.  PayPal accepts electronic transfers and credit cards. Or you can call or email Jane for details.  See Jane's Contact page.

Buy Now

Purchase session packages at a cost savings.  Please visit Jane's Shop page Or you can call or email Jane for details.  See Jane's Contact page. 


Find Out More

Contact Jane directly to learn more about Two Roads One-on-One Life and Relationship Coaching at 203.984.6410 or jane@tworoadslifecoaching.com