Low-hanging Fruit in the Produce Section

Jennifer is committed to consciously attract her life partner and she chooses the produce department to practice initiating flirting.  Amused?  Read on...

She set the goal of visiting twice a week for 4 weeks to spend 15 minutes handling the fruit and looking around for men to engage in conversation.  Jennifer knows her produce! 

Comfortably, she can offer advice on a melon or avocado... or ask a question about kale and feel cool.  She previously tried this exercise in dairy and found lingering in the cold container filled shelves gave her the chills.  Produce attracts lingerers who look around to offer or ask for help.

Jennifer reported after 4 weeks, twice a week for 15 minutes in produce that she spoke and flirted with at least 4 men a week.  She was asked for dates, offered a few numbers and even had some repeat interest!! 

Produce can be a bountiful place to practice your flirting skills.

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I don't like your attitude! Ever heard that one?

Attitudes are beliefs, interpretations, points-of-view, stories, positions that get acted out in your behavior.  So you have an attitude and it shows up in your behavior.  Attitudes are influenced by your personality, family of origin, experiences and they ca be productive or unproductive.

An unproductive attitude for a couple can show up when one chooses to blame the other person for the relationship not working.  If you were paying attention, the word choice just popped up.  An important word when you consider attitudes.

 You can always choose other productive attitudes especially when the "blaming/unproductive attitude" doesn't get you what you want... a good relationship, right?  Your choice.

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Welcome to my Blog!

This is my first blog post on my new website. 

Feel free to grab a cup of tea and a cookie, put your feet up and take a look around. You'll find heaps of great content and information about my business, and there's plenty of goodies.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!

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