Testimonials for Jane

Certified Life and Relationship Coach

"Without Jane’s laser beam focus, patience and consistency, I don’t know how I would have pulled through that difficult time. Jane’s expert coaching helped me to hold my head high with confidence even when things were falling apart around me.  The days that I coached with her were the most positive, productive ones of the week!   People who are at a crossroads in life, and are open to choosing the next step will benefit tremendously from what Jane has to offer.  I am forever grateful.  My family and I would not have survived as intact as we did, without her help." ~ Carole

"My life is completely different since working with Jane.  She helped me define and then realize my goals for life." ~ Cyd.

“Jane has helped me to motivate myself, with the use of small challenges, like ‘make a phone call, write something, take control of a situation in which {I feel} powerless" ... I am more productive and comfortable in my own skin.” ~ Jennifer

“From the first week of working with Jane, I felt a transformation in my thinking ... She has taught me to imagine my own course and when I am sidetracked, she realigns me with my desired path.” ~ Jen

I've known Jane for ten years. It's amazing what can happen to one's life in only ten years. I think back through my life and I honestly don't think I would be who I am without Jane's guidance.

She helped me through an awful, heartbreaking divorce and then helped me navigate my way through the ups and downs (mostly downs, sometimes tears) of dating.

Thanks to her sound advice and support, I stopped the tears and promptly agreed to a date with a man I met online. We married nine months later and just celebrated our third year anniversary.

I am so grateful for Jane's honest, caring and sometimes hard-to-hear advice and guidance. If it wasn't for her, I probably would have missed meeting and marrying "My Perfect Husband". ~ Traci